Quality Control

Fuway has strict control in all aspects of production, so that the product can achieve the best quality.

Materials? ONLY the Finest.

Premium quality can only be born by combining skilled work with the best materials available.

Each material used in making our golf polo shirts is carefully selected by our experts to ensure it’s Eco & of top-quality.

At Fuway, for golf polo shirts production, we only use:

  • Comfortable,quick-drying,stretchy fabric
  • Eco-friendly ,Cruelty-free,non-fading ink
  • Strong,resilient stitching thread

All materials will go through strict in-house inspections. Only qualified fabric, print ink, and stitching thread will be put into mass production.

golf shirts fabric

Delicate Detail Of Production

golf shirts factory fabric weight

Fabrics is weighed to ensure each production of garment contains stable high quality.

men golf shirts printing
Color mixing

Designer is doing color mixing before production ensure the color meet customer’s needs.

golf shirts factory printing
Sublimation printing

High-end printing machines and eco-friendly inks ensure that the clothes are printed with vivid patterns.

fuway golf shirts transfer printing
Transfer printing

With precise control of temperature, pressure and time, the design can be transferred from the paper to the fabric very well.

golf shirts pattern

The pattern maker arrange the patterns according to the width of the fabric and the size of the paper pattern of the garment, and cuts the correct size of patterns with less loss.

golf shirts factory

With more than 10 years of sewing master, we can guarantee the quality of clothes turning.

clothing size measurement
Quality control

The professional quality inspection team will strictly checking during production process and inspect each piece of clothing in all aspects to ensure that there are no inferior products before packing. 

golf shrits quality checking.6

Workers will pack according to customers’ packaging requirements to ensure that all garments are in good condition.

Guarantee For Consistent Quality

Fabric printing

  • Fabric weight

Weigh the fabric to ensure the weigh is qualified to perform its function.

  • Printing color

Ensure colors meet customer needs and clear prints.

  • Printed pattern size

Measurement the size of pattern after sublimation printing ensure each of pattern is in correct size.

high quality golf polo shirts fabric
high quality golf polo shirts stitching.2

Clothing details

  • Size

Strictly control the size, such as Garment length,chest,Sleeve …

  • Sewing

Each finished product needs to be checked for one inch of stitch count and the neatness of the stitching


  • Button

Ensure each button won’t break and take off.

  • Zipper

Ensure zipper color match the garments and no rusting.

  • Woven mark

Ensure the logo mark meet customer need and make all logos on the garment in good condition.

high quality golf polo shirts stitching

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